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A service provided by local authority wanting to give itself a presence not associated directly with council branding. The site wanted to rank on search engines to compete with other local authorities offering the same service. The site was needed to provide information about the service and products available. A means of contact was provided for users who wanted to enquire further about the service or book a demonstration.

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Wordpress template
Client editable content


Product Information
Showcase platform


Product support

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The client requested this Wordpress site was developed with an installed theme and pages were developed with a page builder made via the dashboard. Branding provided by the client was applied to the site and the client was then granted access as an administrator to the site to complete the development. This was for speed of development and so the client could add their own content and images when needed. Some changes to CSS was made via a child style sheet.

prices page of lifline canterbury site by grant coombs web design
faqs page of lifeline canterbury site by grant coombs web design